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Stefanie Guimareas Proves Women Can Throw Knees Too

by: JamieD On  Thursday, June 25, 2009


Total Pro Sports – Bellator has become well known for its outstanding knockouts on the male MMA side, and this weekend Stefanie Guimareas showed that the ladies can do some damage too.  During Bellator XII, that damage landed on the chin of her opponent, Yvonne Reis.

Ranking right up there with the devastating knee KOs of Nick Pace and Jose Aldo, Guimareas grabbed Reis in a Muay Thai clinch and drove her leg up with authority.  Reis was out immediately, and who can blame her.  The knee seemed hard enough that even her family could likely tell us how if felt.

So what do we learn here?  Well after seeing the damage that Cris “Cyborg” Santos inflicted on MMA Worldwide reporter Aaron Tru, and now this, maybe it’s a good thing that boys aren’t supposed to fight girls.  I don’t think that knee gets any less painful if you are a male receiving it.  Just a thought.