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Tyler Kennedy and Kris Letang Give The Weather Report

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Tags:  Hockey   Jon Burnett   Kdka   Kris Letang   Mario Lemieux   NHL  

tyler-kennedy-and-kris-letang-give-the-weather-reportTotal Pro Sports – Yesterday we gave you part one of “why sports athletes should not quit their day job” when we played Ron Artest‘s rap tribute for Michael Jackson.  For part two today, we have Tyler Kennedy and Kris Letang giving the weather report at the KDKA News Studio.

The two Penguin players, with the help of full-time weather man Jon Burnett, gave their best attempt at giving us this week’s weather, and it was anything but smooth.  Letang did, however, give it a go in french, but it seems Burnett was enjoying that just a little too much.

After the first segment was complete, Letang and Kennedy were given another go at it, but nothing seemed to change.  If you were wondering whether the weather would be nice enough for another Mario Lemieux pool party, you wont find that out here.  My suggestion to the two…Stick to your day jobs!

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