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by: JamieD On  Thursday, July 9, 2009


Total Pro Sports – The Michael Jackson tributes continue.  Refraining from pulling off any kind of stupid act, a la Arland Bruce, Ken Griffey Jr. stepped to the plate during his first at-bat Tuesday night against the Baltimore Orioles, with “Billy Jean” playing and wearing one white glove.

Griffey during that first inning at bat and scored on a Franklin Gutierrez home run.  He would switch back to his classic two black gloves for the remainder of the game.

So what’s next?  Maybe Kobe Bryant will come out for his first game next season with a bucket of KFC, in memory of Magic Johnson‘s MJ story.  While they are at it, he may also want to have Ron Artest‘s “Michael, Michael” blasting in the background.  Good thing Griffey refrained from using it.  “Billy Jean” was a good choice Ken.

Ken Griffey White Glove

Ken Griffey White Glove

Michael Jackson White Glove

Michael Jackson White Glove

Hat Tip – [Yahoo! Sports]