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The World’s Strongest Vagina, Now With Video

The World’s Strongest Vagina, Now With Video

Total Pro Sports – Last week we brought you the breaking news regarding a new record for the world’s strongest vagina.  It was just one of those stories that everyone needed to know about.  Well now that we have video footage of this powerful love-box in action, we feel it is out duty to show it to you.

In case you forgot, her name is Tatiata Kozhevnikova and she is from Novosibirsk, Russia.  At 42 years-of-age, she broke her old record by lifting a 14 kg ball with her vag.  If you didn’t believe it before when we told you, check her out in this video. Tatiata gives us a little taste of her power with some interesting moves.  It’s enough to make you imagine what a night with this blond Russian “super-pussy” may be like.  If you are a boob man, you may wish to settle for the likes of Simona Halep or Denise Milani, but if you love the box, then Tatiata is your woman. Hat Tip Video – [I Am Bored]