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Even John Daly’s Woman Has Odd Fashion Sense

by: JamieD On  Friday, July 17, 2009
Tags:  Anna Cladakis   British Open   Golf   John Daly   PGA  

john-daly-anna-cladakisTotal Pro Sports – The sporting world is no stranger to wacky outfits.  From Rick Pitino‘s gangster white suit, to Marcus Spears‘ rather odd strip club attire, it is no longer surprising when we see athletes and coaches drape themselves in god-knows-what.

John Daly is one of those cases that never seems to shock onlookers with his clothing, but now his woman has joined in on all the fun.  The former British Open champ was present at this year’s Open, and had another pair of his outrageous pants on display.  So how does someone walk next to Daly without being shown-up?  Wear an even wilder skirt!  That’s exactly what Anna Cladakis did.

Sporting the colorful pok-a-dot shirt next to Daly’s checkered pants, she seems to be a perfect fit at his side.  Maybe that has something to do with her large breasts, which do a marvelous job of taking our attention away from all the wavering colours.

Hat Tip – [Devil Ball]