Steve Ramirez Uses Overhand Right To End Fight In Three Seconds

Steve Ramirez Uses Overhand Right To End Fight In Three Seconds

Total Pro Sports – His name is Steve Ramirez and he doesn’t appear to enjoy long fights.  That is why this Saturday night was a successful one, as he stepped into the ring at a PureCombat “Home Turf” event and only needed three seconds before celebrating a knockout victory.

Bringing back memories of Dan Henderson’s vicious overhand right to the chin of Michael Bisping at UFC 100, Ramirez wasted no time coming out and connecting on a solid shot square to the head of his opponent.  The fight ended immediately, sending what sounded like a hometown crowd into a frenzy.  It was as if it had finished before it ever began.  Even Matt Baker, who hit an unsuspecting Brandon Sauve during the opening second handshake, needed six seconds to finish his fight.

With this bout in the books so early, we are left to wonder if an even quicker ending is possible.  Cam Stewart was able to hold off for longer than three seconds before Bas Rutten put him to sleep, but I guess when you come out swinging like Ramirez did, there is always the possibility of hitting an early one out of the park.  Consider his opponents face in this one to be the hanging curve ball.

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