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The Making Of The F1 Bread Car…..With Bread!

by: JamieD On  Friday, August 28, 2009


Total Pro Sports – Much like the “Sunbird” lobster-racing boat, it is made for looks rather than for speed, but this F1 bread car sure does look tasty.

It order to make this masterpiece, which is currently sitting in a hotel lobby in Singapore (unless someone has eaten it by now), the Royal Plaza on Scotts’ Culinary Executive Chef led a team of six chefs, two artists, two technicians, two culinary staff members, and five young volunteers.  The ingredients used included 15 kg of yeast, 14 litres of water, 2 kg of salt, and 10,800 ml of varnish.  In the end, 1000 loaves were made of 22 varieties of bread, costing $15,000 and taking 549 hours to assemble.

When you acknowledge the time that was spent making this masterpiece in comparison to other works of art like this Michael Jordan mosaic, it is not hard to appreciate this creation.  It was made in support of Community Chest Singapore, a non-profit organization that channels resources to the social service sector in Singapore.

Just don’t expect Michael Schumacher to be taking this car for a spin.  I wonder where they put the airbags?

Here is a clip of some of the assembly.  More pics below, including a list of the different types of bread.


F! Bread Car

F1 Bread Car

F1 Bread Car

F1 Bread Car

F1 Bread Car

Types Of Bread

Types Of Bread

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