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by: JamieD On  Friday, September 4, 2009


Total Pro Sports – Toronto seems to be a hot spot for Alex Rodriguez.  Last time he made headlines in the great Canadian city, it was for his extra-marital affairs with a hot blond at a local strip club.  This time he stayed away from the titty bars, and even the hot blond (not Kate Hudson or Madonna), as it was a dark-haired Toronto police officer that he had his eyes on.

During last night’s game between the Jays and the New York Yankees, a pop-up off the bat of Lyle Overbay was drifting towards the stands on the third base side. ARod made his way towards the area in an attempt to record the out.

Although he could not get a piece of the ball as it trailed off into the stands, he did manage to get himself a piece of something.  That something was one of the city of Toronto’s finest (cops, that is).

Reaching the warning track, he lunged, but missed the ball, unintentionally groping the female police officer sitting against the stands – not once but twice. For the first time in years, Alex Rodriguez was cheered good-naturedly at the Rogers Centre.

“I’m just glad she didn’t read me my rights,” Rodriguez said. “Only me. My God, how embarrassing.” [Toronto Star]

Even more embarrassing than facing the fans after admitting to using steroids?  We doubt that.

ARod and Johnny Damon would end up checking on the woman in uniform and she would be alright.  No word yet, but it doesn’t seem like Rodriguez took her out afterward for some drinks to celebrate the 10-5 victory at The Brass Rail (a fine Toronto strip club).

Here is how it all unfolded.

ARod grops female officer

ARod grops female officer

ARod grops female officer

ARod grops female officer

After the groping

After the groping

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