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Even Soccer Refs Should Obey Parking Laws

by: JamieD On  Thursday, September 10, 2009

Even Soccer Refs Should Obey Parking LawsTotal Pro Sports – On the field of play, referees and sports officials may be above the law, but their power does not extend beyond the sideline.

That was particularly evident during this soccer match, when the P.A announcer had a message for the crowd.  Over the loud speaker, those in attendance were informed of an illegally parked vehicle.  That seemed to alarm the referee working the game, as he quickly put a stop to the action and rushed over to the sidelines to speak with an officer in attendance.

After a brief conversation, the the ref rushed off to the parking lot to move his car.  He eventually made it back, much to the appreciation of the fans, and the game continued.

When you consider past events concerning refs in sports, we can be thankful things did not get ugly here.  While delaying the game may anger some players, it just doesn’t seem to get them fired up like a correct call can.