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Poodle Shows Its Support For LSU

by: JamieD On  Tuesday, September 15, 2009
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Poodle Shows Its Support For LSUTotal Pro Sports – If you don’t have the money to purchase a jersey for your dog (like the ones sold by the Philadelphia Eagles), then we have a much cheaper and fashionable alternative you may want to consider.

All that is needed is an electric shaver, a precise hand, and a dog with a thick body of hair and you have yourself a hardcore sports dog.

Look no further than this pooch, who was given a makeover in time to support LSU as they defeated Vanderbilt this weekend by a score of 23-9.  The poodle was also sporting a purple bandanna around its neck to add some color to the mix.

Although the creativity was there, we can help but think that this could have been even more impressive had there been some purple and gold paint involved.  Some may believe that to be taking it a little to far, but at least we aren’t including a trip to the butcher shop.

Poodle Shows Its Support For LSU

Poodle Shows Its Support For LSU

Hat Tip Pic – [EDSBS]