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Hot Gators Fan Looking To Get Tim Te-Boned

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hot Gators Fan Looking To Get Tim Te-BonedTotal Pro Sports – With the Tim Tebow claiming to be a virgin, thousands of women are looking to be the first to get into his pants.  One girl made her case public with a clever t-shirt this past Saturday during their battle with SEC rivals Tennessee.

Posing for a picture, this hot female showed off the front of her shirt which reads “TE-BONE ME,” but she is not willing to give Tebow his option of holes as the back firmly states “JUST NOT IN THE END ZONE.”  Sorry girl, but if there is one thing that Tebow wont be denied, it is the end zone, and as a Gators fan you should be well aware of such facts.

With all the beautiful breasts and gorgeous asses strutting around the University of Florida campus dreaming about the possibility of boning their school’s star quarterback, the thought that Tebow may still be a virgin remains inconceivable.  Turning down all that ass is nothing short of a sin, Christian or not.  After all, I can’t imagine that even Jesus would approve of such abstinence, but then again, Jesus is no Tim Tebow.

Hot Gators Fan Looking To Get Tim Te-Boned

Hot Gators Fan Looking To Get Tim Te-Boned

Hat Tip Pic- [Extra Mustard] via The Boys At [FanDome]