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Chad Ochocinco To Get Pretty In Pink This Sunday

by: JamieD On  Friday, October 2, 2009

chad-johnson-pinkTotal Pro Sports – I happened to catch ESPN’s often entertaining Pardon The Interruption Thursday afternoon with Chad Ochocinco as the guest on “Five Good Minutes.”  Among other things (like how he has been taken under the wing of Ray Lewis, Deion Sanders and Denzel Washington), Eighty five took the time to talk about his plans to entertain us this upcoming weekend when the Bengals visit the division rival Cleveland Browns.

His week three Lambeau Leap was good, but Ochocinco’s intentions for week four are something that everyone can, and should, appreciate.

Those who have visited over the past week likely realized the league has been promoting the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Well it looks like the league’s website is not the only thing getting a pink makeover.

At the conclusion of the segment, Ochocinco spoke about his plans for the weekend, which include pink gloves, pink shoes, pink chin straps, pink mouth guards, and even a pink towel.  Yes, Chad Ochocinco will be getting his own Martha Stewart makeover.

It was originally thought that Ochocinco would have a letter from the league to post on his Twitter account Monday, but if you thought he was worried about that, think again.  The Bengals wideout plans to not only pay the fine, but he will also donate that same amount to a local Breast Cancer Awareness charity in Cincinnati.

Ochocinco has also announced his intentions over his Twitter account.

And it looks like Chad isn’t the only one going pink.  Titans running back Chris Johnson will be dawning the new looks as well.

As for the NFL, it appears as though they will be letting players off the hook with there pink uniform infractions.  In fact, they actually seem to be encouraging it.

Even when they try to drop their “No Fun League” reputation the NFL still manages to find a way to rob us of any enjoyment.  I was looking forward to seeing Ochocinco pay those fines.

Don’t expect the Breat Cancer Awareness charities in Cincinnati to be big fans of Roger Goodell.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the pink attire you can expect to see Ochocinco wearing on Sunday.

Ochocinco's pink cleats

Ochocinco's pink cleats

Ochocinco's pink wristbands

Ochocinco's pink wristbands

Pink robbons for the helmets

Pink robbons for the helmets