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Joe Muir Delivers An Overhand Right From Hell In 6 Second KO

by: JamieD On  Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Tags:  Australia   Bangalow   Joe Muir   Knockout   MMA   Niki Havili  

Joe Muir Delivers An Overhand Right From Hell In 6 Second KOTotal Pro Sports – It was not quite the fastest knockout we have seen, but it only took Joe Muir six seconds to deliver what may be the most devastating blow I have witnessed in MMA competition.

Taking on Niki Havili in a superheavyweight bout at the Underground MMA Cage Fighting Series Event 1 in Bangalow, Australia, Muir took a page from Dan Henderson’s playbook and came out swinging with a deadly overhand right of his own.

The force behind that shot meant a quick night for Muir as Havili hit the ground hard.  He would lay there unconscious and receive a couple more blows to the head before the ref could end the fight, declaring Muir the winner by KO.

Those who have taken the opportunity to watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 over the past couple weeks may have come to the conclusion that Heavyweights are slow and may not possess the same type of stamina evident in lighter weight classes, but what they lack in speed they make up for in brute force.

In this case, that same brute force found its way from Muir’s right hand to Havili’s head at a surprisingly quick pace.