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Lisa Guerrero Proves Her Breasts Still Not Safe In Hotels

by: JamieD On  Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lisa Guerrero PeepholeTotal Pro Sports – It has not been long since the Erin Andrews peephole incident was the top story throughout North America and recently it has resurfaced as the suspected perpetrator was arrested earlier this month.  So are these gorgeous female reporters finally safe in the comfort of their own hotel rooms?  Not even close.

Inside Edition decided to take it upon themselves to investigate that question when correspondent Jim Moret attempted to book himself a room near fellow Inside Edition correspondent Lisa Guerrero at two different hotels.  One was the Vanderbilt Marriott in Nashville, the same hotel E.A. was staying at when she was unknowingly videotaped.  The second was the Sheraton Music City, located just down the road.  What they discovered was rather disturbing.

After Guerrero had booked a room at the Marriott, Moret did the same, asking for something nearby.

When Lisa Guerrero checked in two days later, she was not informed that someone had requested a room near her.

And when Moret checked in 20 minutes later and reminded the desk clerk of his request, the hotel confirmed that Lisa Guerrero was a guest and that she had already checked in.  They did not give Moret a room next to her, but they did tell him Guerrero was staying just one floor below.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have anything close, but you are a floor above her,” the desk clerk told him.

When the two attempted the same plan at the Sheraton, they were met with a little more resistence, but rather than protecting the privacy of Lisa, they simply gave Moret an even closer room.

Then INSIDE EDITION went down the road to the Sheraton Music City, also in Nashville.  Once again, Guerrero checked in first, and the hotel did not inform her that another guest has made a request for a room next to hers.

But when Jim Moret checked in and tried to confirm that the room he had requested was next door to Guerrero’s, the clerk asked, “Does she know you?”

“Does she know me?  Yeah,” said Moret.

“Because, you know, after everything that went on,” said the clerk, apparently referring to what happened to Erin Andrews.

She examines his identification, and without any further questions he was allowed to check into a room just two doors down from Guerrero.

So there you have it.  The privacy of those wishing to stay in one of America’s finest hotels is still at risk.  As for Moret, he was able to refrain from sneaking a peek at the lovely Lisa Guerrero, but that shouldn’t stop him or you from checking out these pictures of her beautiful funbags.

Lisa Guerrero playboy nude

Lisa Guerrero Playboy

Lisa Guerrero

Lisa Gurrero

Could What Happened to Erin Andrews Happen Again? – [Inside Edition]