Charles Barkley Always Keeps us Entertained on TNT (Video)

Charles Barkley on tntInside the NBA on TNT is the best in studio sports show on TV now, and possibly ever.  Some have even argued that it saved the NBA through some tough times with its thoughtful analysis and hilarious, charming personalities.  The top dog on the show, however, is Charles Barkley.  Fresh off his little golfing debacle this summer, he is back for another NBA season.  His charisma has carried the show for years and continues to make us think, laugh, and sometimes, cringe.  I always find myself wondering what witty remark he would have for all kinds of other events.  Like that crazy girl bully on the soccer field, I could just see him saying “That’s just turrible, Kenny.”

This little clip is one of those cringe/laugh hybrids.  Charles Barkley was filming a promotion for some upcoming games that are going to be televised on TNT at the time.  The idea of these promos is that they are supposed to be concise and catchy so as to make the audience excited for and interested in watching the game.  When Charles gets on camera, he proclaims “I got two words for ya!” at which point he proceeds to say “Steve Nash and Chris Paul”.  Hmmm, that sounds more like 5 words to me.  Chris Webber and Ernie Johnson give him a hard time about it, but that’s not even the best part.  Charles is so confused he can’t figure out why they are laughing at him.

Somehow Sir Charles has the charm to make all kinds of mistakes and goofs and still be endearing to the viewers and fans.  Also, we all know he was paid to play at Auburn, so its not like he had a real college education or anything.

Hat Tip Video – [BallDontLie]

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