Lawrence Taylor Arrested For Hit And Run (Bloodshot Eyed Mugshot Included)

NFL Legend Lawrence Taylor ArrestedDuring his NFL career, you could always find Lawrence Taylor present at the scene of a big on-field collision.  Now that the former New York Giants linebacker is retired, the collisions continue to come, but you shouldn’t expect to find him sticking around for too long.

Taylor was arrested Sunday night after leaving the scene of an accident in Miami.  Police found him several miles from where the accident took place, standing outside his car which was missing a front tire.  The tire was discovered at the scene where it is believed that Taylor hit another vehicle, then the guard rail, and eventually drove off on only three tires.  After cooperating with officers, he was released on $500 bond.

Taylor’s mugshot will now be placed among like like of Jamal Anderson and Charles Rogers in Pro Football’s criminal hall of fame, but one thing that stands out in this photo is his extremely bloodshot eyes.  So was Lawrence high at the time of the accident?  Officers didn’t seem to think so because he was coherent when they arrest him.  In fact, not even a sobriety test was needed.

Maybe Taylor was just a little tired.  Smoking weed will do that to you.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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