Foreign Sports Reporter Undaunted by Mole Man on Shoulder

Foreign Sports Reporter Undaunted by Mole Man on ShoulderA foreign reporter for some segment on Sports-TV was completely focused on giving his report in this video.  In fact, he goes for about 40 seconds without even batting an eye while giving his report.  The reason that this is so remarkable is that there was a strange man with a goofy smirk literally perched on the reporter’s shoulder throughout the entire interview.  In a world where even “fat little girlfriends” are causing serious distractions, this reporter admirably maintains his focus.

Right at the beginning of the video, you can see a hand come out and try to push the strange spectator out of the picture, but then the camera begins to roll and its too late.  I don’t know how we’ve gotten this far into this story without mentioning that crazy mole that is literally in the reporter’s mouth.  How was he not distracted by this?  In a world where fans do all kinds of crazy things to get on camera, like being tossed up in the air during a victory parade, this fans subtle approach was hilarious.

Also, I wonder what the in-studio guy says as it cuts back to him towards the end of the clip.  It seems like he’s trying not to laugh about the crazy mole-man, but I’m not fluent in whatever crazy language that is (not to offend anyone, I’m just limited to English is all).

Everything about that guy in the background is goofy from his silly smirk to his crazy mole.  It’s not like its some guy way off behind the reporter either, the spectator literally has his chin resting on the reporter’s shoulder!  If there was an award for focus in reporting, I think I’ve got a nomination.

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