Put Your (Golf) Balls In This New (Putting) Bra

Bra doubles as golf putting mat

The best part about this strange new product is that it allows me to write “I would love to put my balls in that bra”.  All kidding aside, this strange new Japanese item probably won’t take the American golf market by storm.  That being said it is a nifty new device that might be a funny gift for a golf-playing couple or even for Natalie Gulbis (mostly because I would love to see her in this outfit).

So what is the product, you ask?  Well Triumph’s new product is a bra that transforms into a putting green.  Confused?  I’ll explain.  So you are walking down the street and all of a sudden you have an itch to practice your putting.  Your short game needs work and you feel the need to work on it a little.  But where can you putt?  Well if you have a lady-friend with you, and she happens to be wearing this bra, you’re in luck.  All you need to do is convince her to take off the bra and stand topless while you take a couple strokes (so many double entendres here, I can’t help myself).  It’s not exactly the peak of fashion, but neither is Jared Allen’s mayonnaise-eating mullet, and a lot of people seem to have those.

But that’s not all folks.  There is also a skirt that goes with the outfit.  If you pull the skirt off, it becomes a “Be Quiet” flag, to make sure everyone around you doesn’t speak during your back-swing with a completely nude woman standing next to you of course.

This is the least useful product ever, but you have to love the ridiculous concept of it.

Bra doubles as golf putting mat

Hat Tip – [Gizmodo]

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