Top 10 Most Unusual Items Thrown on the Ice (Video)

Top 10 Most Unusual Items Thrown on the IceWe saw a great temper tantrum from a minor league hockey coach yesterday.  In honor of that wonderful tantrum, we are bringing you Sportscenter’s Top Ten things thrown on the ice.  Yesterday it was just a few hockey sticks, but over the history of hockey, there has been a strong tradition of throwing crazy stuff on the ice.

This list doesn’t just include things thrown as a result of frustration or anger, but strange traditions that occur more than once.  For instance, in Detroit, they throw an octopus on the ice to signify the 8 games needed to win the Stanley Cup (its more like 16 now, but it was only 8 back in the old days).  Also in Florida, there is a tradition of throwing plastic rats on the ice.

While there were a few good frustration ones like a coach throwing a garbage can or hurling a stick like a spear at one of the referees, there was also one that was literally a prank organized by the entire crowd.  At one hockey game, a university prank encouraged all the fans to bring tennis balls and then start throwing them on the ice all at once for no apparent reason.  The best part in that clip is as the tennis balls are coming down, you hear the announcer say “Tennis balls have come out of the rafters! Look at them falling like raindrops! Or is that hail?” and see a cowering goalie hiding inside his own goal like a bomb shelter.  Not exactly how we want to think of our goalies, but if you want to see goalies being tough, you can always watch videos of them fighting.

It didn’t include the famous dildo-tossing Swedish hockey incident, or the fire helmet giveaway night at the United Center in Chicago, but this is still a fun top ten list.

Hat Tip Video – [Puck Daddy]

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