Hockey Goal Celebration Fail (Video)

Hockey Goal Celebration Fail

Sweden is known for a few things: beautiful tall blond women, meatballs, and hockey.  Now they might be known for one of the greatest hockey celebrations ever.  And by great I mean epic fail (up there with this crazy botched National Anthem).

Henrik Andersen was playing for Leksand when he scored this goal.  There was little doubt that it was an amazing goal, as you can see from the replay.  Andersen had a reasonable reaction as well.  He was pumped up and looking to celebrate, so he jumped into the boards and crashed right through the panel.  It’s definitely not what I was expecting to see when I started this video.  On the bright side, at least it was a celebration fail and not a frustration fail like all the crazy items thrown on the ice over the years.

Andersen is only 18, and while he wasn’t selected in the NHL Entry Draft this past year, he can now consider himself an internet star with his celebration gone wrong.  This was the youngster’s first goal for his Swedish League team and he helped Leksand upset Bjorkloven 4-0.  Hopefully he scores a lot more goals and jumps through a lot more boards.  Then Leksand and avid You-Tubers like us will all be happy.

Thanks to our buddy [HockeyWebCast]

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