French Soccer Goalie Breaks Leg in Half (Video)

French Goalie Breaks Leg in HalfThe goalie for PSG plays with his heart over his head.  At least thats what it looks like after watching this painful video.  With his team up 1-0 in the 85th minute of the game, Gregory Coupet dove for a ball to prevent giving the other team a corner kick.  Unfortunately for Mr. Coupet, his left leg did not cooperate with his intentions.

While we have to give all the respect in the world to someone who goes all out all the time, I’m sure he was having his regrets about it as he was carried off the pitch on a stretcher.  Then again, at least he didn’t have a run-in with everyone’s favorite soccer villain, Elizabeth Lambert.  Normally an injury this gruesome only occurs when a player gets tangled up with another player, or on some kind of dirty play.  Or if a 6-year old lays you out of course.

In this case, Coupet apparently did this to himself.  Maybe the French will surrender if there is another World War, but if Coupet is on the front lines, you know he isn’t running.  In fact, he may just break his own leg in front of the Germans in an attempt to gross them out and catch them off guard.

Hat Tip Video – [DirtyTackle] via [WithLeather]

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