The Stat Line of the Night -11/29/09 – Chris Johnson

Chris JohnsonIt didn’t take many carries for Tennessee’s Chris Johnson to earn the Stat Line of the Night.  He ran all over the Cardinals yesterday, gaining 154 yards on just 18 carries and scoring a touchdown.  He also added 3 catches for 32 yards.

The Titans desperately needed the win yesterday to stay in the AFC Wild Card picture and make their season continue to be relevant.  Johnson wasn’t the only one who played well for the Titans, Kenny Britt caught 7 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown.  Vince Young was the real hero, even though Johnson’s statline is far more eye-popping.  Young threw for just under 400 yards with a touchdown and no picks.  What was most impressive was his come-from-behind drive with about 2:30 remaining in the 4th quarter to win the game.

On a team that had a few standouts yesterday, Chris Johnson’s 8.5 yards per carry helped keep Tennessee’s passing game open and maintain the Titan lead for most of the game.  Also, late in the 3rd with the Titans clinging to a 6-3 lead, Johnson broke a highlight reel 85-yard touchdown run to give them a 10 point lead.  After winning this game, the Titans are still mathematically alive in the AFC playoff race.  If Chris Johnson continues to put up lines like this, and the Titans keep winning (they have won 5 straight now), they have as good a chance as any team to make the postseason.

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