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The Stat Line of the Night – 1/3/10 – Jamaal Charles

by: AnthonyP On  Monday, January 4, 2010

Jamaal CharlesIf you play fantasy football you have probably heard of this guy, otherwise you may be asking who Jamaal Charles is.  Well you should get to know him now, because he is extremely talented and looks to have a bright future in the
NFL.  Although the Chiefs season was over long before yesterday, Charles and Kansas City still had the opportunity to play spoiler for their hated rivals the Broncos.  And spoil they did.

Charles rushed for 259 yards on just 25 carries in the Chiefs rout of the Broncos.  He also punched in 2 touchdowns.  The Chiefs carried the day 44-24 and showed a lot of promise for next season.  While this was by far Charles’s best game (and in fact set the franchise record for rushing yards in a game), it came as no surprise to anyone who is more than a casual observer.  He has rushed for 968 yards on just 161 carries with 7 touchdowns.

What has been a precarious situation in Kansas City at least has some silver lining.  With Charles carrying the ball, he can expect to garner a few more Stat Line of the Nights next season and the Chiefs can hope to win a few more games and possibly make a legitimate playoff run.