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LeBron James Hits Crazy Shot From Behind Backboard

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, January 7, 2010

LeBron James Hits Crazy Shot From Behind BackboardRemember as a kid, in your driveway, when you didn’t feel like playing a real pickup game so you played a game called Horse?  The basic premise of the game was that you take a crazy shot and if you make it, the other people have to match the same shot or lose.  The thing about that game was you had as much time as you wanted and no one trying to defend you.  LeBron James is taking (and making) these wild shots in the flow of the game.

His ability to improvise during a game is amazing, and the best part is that his skill allows him to execute his crazy plays.  In this clip, as LeBron is fading out of bounds he heaves up a shot from behind the backboard and it goes in.  It is a typical HORSE shot except that he had no time to prepare and he was heavily defended.  The way he beat the backboard was standard, by putting a ton of arc on it.  It was a phenomenal shot.

Besides making these shots, he does do some crazy stuff in practice at well that shouldn’t be scoffed at.  The stuff he pulls during games, though, is the most impressive.

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