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Japanese Man Ties Record For Catching Biggest Largemouth Bass

by: AnthonyP On  Wednesday, January 13, 2010
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Japanese Man Ties Record For Catching Biggest Largemouth Bass

Records were made to be broken, or in this case, tied.  Unfortunately for this Japanese fishing hero, it took more than 6 months for him to get recognition for his amazing catch.  The original record for biggest largemouth bass is 22 pounds 4 ounces and was held for 77 years by Georgia angler George Perry.  On July 22, 2009, that record was tied by Japanese fisherman Manabu Kurita, but due to some controversy surrounding the catch, it was not approved until a couple days ago.

What caused the controversy?  Well there was a ton of speculation that Kurita had caught the fish in a no fishing zone or broken some other laws in order to catch the beast.  Kurita had to undergo extreme scrutiny to get his record in the books, even undergoing a polygraph lie-detector test.  The International Game Fish Association, which administers these records, claimed it wanted to make sure that the record was obtained properly before certifying it, although some speculation exists that the holy grail of fishing records was being protected by the industry that has profited so greatly from it.

Either way this is an impressive fish, though its not exactly a 750 pound, 10-foot shark.  I’m a terrible fisherman myself, the biggest fish I have ever caught is maybe 3 pounds at most.  I bet that giant bass is a lot tastier than my fish was.  Do you think they get to eat it?

Hat Tip – [Fishing World]

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