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Isles Jack Hillen Takes An Ovechkin Shot To The Face (Video)

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Isles Jack Hillen Takes An Ovechkin Shot To The FaceIt looks like no one is safe at a Washington Capitals game these days.  Not the fans, and definitely not the players on the ice.

As for the latest victim, that would be New York Islanders defenseman Jack Hillen, who took a puck square in the mouth from none other than Alex Ovechkin.  Talk about bad luck.  Not only was he hit in the least protected area of his body, but the shot had to come off the stick of a player who possesses one of the hardest shots in hockey.

So is there a bright side to this whole story?  Maybe, when you consider the fact that Hillen got to leave the game early, and was therefore sparred from the embarrassment of sitting through a 7-2 home loss to the Caps.

Whether it is with the puck or the scoreboard, Washington sure knows how to shut the mouths of their opponents.