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Georgian Luger Dies after Horrifying Crash at Olympics (Video)

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fatal Luge Crash Mars Opening DayTragedy has struck the Winter Olympics.

I can’t imagine the 2010 Vancouver Games starting off on a more sour note than it has with this horrific, heart-wrenching, accident that occurred to a Georgian Luger, Nodar Kumaritsashvili, during a trial run.

Coming around one of the bends, his luge flung him off the track, sending him somersaulting through the air and ultimately, into a steel pillar on the other side.   We should warn you that this video is not for the faint of heart.

Apparently, after repeated CPR attempts, Nodar was airlifted by helicopter off the course, and later pronounced dead.  He was 21-years old and competing in his first Olympics.

This will almost certainly bring about some heated debates regarding the safety of the luge courses.  They are lacquered up to the max and have caused numerous accidents in the past, including a less serious crash on the same turn earlier today.  It’s a damn shame that a fatal accident such as this will finally get them to reconsider the safety standards.

The trial courses have been shut down and the federation is currently in meetings all day — presumably discussing what the next move should be.

The last time someone has died on the course during the games was in 1964 when both an Australian skier died and, what do you know, a British luger were involved in life ending accidents.

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