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Naked Sled Racing Should Be a Winter Olympic Sport (Pics)

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What are a couple of things that can really draw a crowd, Doug?  One.  A golfer with an arm growing out of its ass.  Two.  Hot chicks sledding down a hill … naked.    I think number two might be the winner every time (even if you’re a big Happy Gilmore fan and actually understood number one).

In a normally pretty quiet town in Germany, 14,000 people (14,000!) showed up in front of a town hall building to watch 30 men and women go sledding down the mountain in their birthday suits.  As one might expect, the town police had a tough time handling all the unexpected traffic, and I imagine, the many incidents of indecent exposure and public masturbation.

Some of the women who participated were pretty hot and looked as if they were in a hot vacation spot, too – fake tans, and, uh, naked.  But the women’s hard nipples and men’s perched gonads provided the dead give away that they were indeed naked and in the cold snow.

The highlight of the event may not have been naked, good looking young adults, but when a 70-year old grandpa decided that he wanted to die of a heart attack as a naked sledder and stripped his clothes before descending down the hill.

The only information I have pertaining to the reason for such an event was that it was sponsored by some radio station.  If I had to guess it was channel 99 on your sirius knobs – the Playboy channel.