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AU Reporters Make Wii Curling Look Like Anything But Curling

by: JamieD On  Sunday, February 28, 2010

AU Reporters Make Wii Curling Look Like Anything But CurlingThe curling craze has certainly been gaining steam during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  What was once considered a boring sport is now being referred to by many at the Games as the most entertaining event to watch in person, and that is not hard to believe after hearing the rowdy crowds cheer on their Canadian teams, while bring tears to the opposition.

So with popularity rising in the curling world, even people in Australia are catching on, and what better way to learn a little something about the game than by playing a few ends on the Nintendo Wii.  Oddly enough, this version of the game makes these two reporters look like they are doing anything but curling.  In fact, it actually appears as though they are….

Perhaps we will let you use your imagination for this one.

Could you imagine if curling really looked like this?  It would make watching hotties like Madeleine Dupont in action that much more entertaining.

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