You Could Hear This Arm Break From A Mile Away

kowalski broken armMMA fighters are often perceived to be tough, determined S.O.B.’s who don’t know the meaning of the word “quit.”  And although at times that may be the attitude needed to win a fight, it is also capable of causing the fighter more harm than good.  Take the case of William Kowalski, for example.

During a Tuff-N-Uff show at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Kowalski had laid a beating down on his opponent, John Gettle.  And so when Gettle had surprised him with a keylock arm-bar, Kowalski was not prepared to quit and let this victory slip away.  Unfortunately, his stubbornness would cause him to lose not only the fight, but his arm as well.

The snap was loud enough to be heard around the ring, and it took the trainers and doctors nearly 10 minutes to stabilize Kowalski’s arm before they could remove him from the ring.  Yes, the break was that bad, and this video is definitely not for those with a weak stomach.

Is it the worst arm break we have seen? It just may be!

Hat Tip – [Cagewriter]

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