LeBron James Changes Jersey to Number 6

LeBron James Changes Jersey to Number 6LeBron James beat an NBA Wednesday deadline and got his paperwork in to request a number change from 23 to 6.

Back in November the King said he was contemplating changing his number out of respect to the great Michael Jordan. Hmmm…LeBron couldn’t wear #23 if he went to the Bulls, so maybe he’s expecting to head to Chicago to play in the Windy City? That line just made Bulls fans drool, and numerous sports dorks (like me) are already making way too much of it already.

LeBron moves to number 6 because it is also his Olympic jersey number. But wait — how many NBA championships did Michael win with the Bulls? That’s right, 6 of them. And there is another all-star on the Bulls that used to wear #23 and had to give it up upon joining the Bulls — Mr. Derrick Rose.

Actually though, if James switches teams, he can choose any number he desires. So maybe he is staying in Cleveland. Ha! Yeah, right. LeBron is not staying 8 more years in Cleveland. What’s there to do in Cleveland? Take a ride on a human skateboard? Sit around and practice nailing full-court shots?

So whether it’s Cleveland, New York or Chicago, the King will be wearing a new jersey number next year. Let the sales begin!

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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