Olympian Julia Mancuso Wears See Through Shirt! (Pic)

Julia Mancuso Wears See Through ShirtJulia Mancuso is one of those “oh, she’s hot because she’s an Olympic athlete” type girls.  Of course, there aren’t many hot women athletes, so you have to take them where you can get them.

What, you say?   Yeah, I’m probably in the minority, but I’m sorry, I just don’t find myself positively confirming the million dollar question of “if she wasn’t an Olympic athlete, and I saw her in a magazine, would my groin region even think twice to tingle?”.  Maybe it’s the butt-chin, but don’t get me entirely wrong, she’s got a bod and the Olympic athlete part does indeed add a lot.

What also adds to her hot level is the fact that she’s a former Olympic Gold medalist and a recent silver (and two bronze) medal winner at the Vancouver Olympics.  Men around the world will touch themselves to pictures of her just to say they did it to an Olympic medal winner.

But to prove my point that she’s not your average hottie who occasionally allows men around the world to see a nipple slip, take a look at this boring picture that made headlines – yes, Mancuso wearing a see through shirt, but to all of our disappointment, only to reveal a way too discreet and drab white bra.

Hat Tip Image – [PacificCoastNews]