What Sidney Crosby Was Thinking after Winning Gold (Voice Dub)

What Sidney Crosby Was Thinking after Winning GoldAthletes give plenty of generic and and cliched answers when it comes to post-game press conferences and interviews. You’ve heard them all before: “Just wanted to help the team”. “We’re out there giving 110 percent”. “There was a blond with big knockers in the corner”. Wait — what? Where did that last one come from? That’s not in the lame script of player responses! It came for Canadian gold medal hockey hero, Sidney Crosby.

You get the feeling that although it’s a hilarious spoof, Sidney’s response in the video is probably how most players would like to answer all of those boring, rehashed questions. But if you don’t act all polite and say the right things, you probably don’t end up getting too many commercials and endorsements. And the pro athletes love collecting that money from all those TV spots. So while they’d like to say whatever crosses their minds, they try to keep their thoughts to themselves and give the standard answers. If they don’t, they lose all those deals and get billboards made to poke fun at them. But maybe one day will get some new answers. Until then, we rely on goofy parodies.

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