Wind 1, TSV Grunbach 0 (Video)

TSV GrunbachWhen your defense is holding the fort and making things tough for the opposition, there are always those x-factors that one must be aware of, else all that hard work directed towards protecting your goal can quickly go to waste.  So what do those “x-factors” consist of anyways?

Sometimes it may be the opposing team’s fans, but typically those goals will not even count.  And then there is the wind.  You can’t see it, but it is certainly there, and if you don’t respect it, it will not hesitate to make you look foolish.  As for your latest fools, we bring you TSV Grunbach, who were the victims of this rather strange, yet incredibly funny, goal.

With strong gusts of wind reeking havoc on the pitch, one player figures it would be a good idea to deliver a goal kick high into the air.  And for his questionable decision, he earned himself a rather embarrassing own goal.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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