Miami Hurricanes Interested in Wayne Gretzky’s Son

trevor gretzky

Yes the Hurricanes are interested in Trevor Gretzky, 17-year-old son of “The Great One.”  However, contrary to what most would likely believe, this Hurricanes team is not from Carolina, and the sport is not hockey.  Instead, it is the University of Miami who have shown interest in Trevor.  As for the sport, that would be football, and possibly even some baseball.

Unlike most sons of former pro sports greats, who often decide to stick with the same sport that provided their fathers with such storied careers, Trevor has decided to take a different route and  it seems to be paying off.  After backing up Nick Montana, son of former NFL star Joe Montana, at Oaks Cristian High School in Westlake Village, California for the past couple of years, Gretzky will be handed the starting job in his upcoming senior year.

Miami is not the only school interested in Trevor’s services though.  He has also caught the eye of other big name programs, such as UCLA and Arizona State, and this two sport athlete is also looking to walk onto the baseball team of which ever school he lands with.

Yes, there may be a battle of sports supremacy brewing within the Gretzky household, but at least Wayne knows he will always be the man of the house when it comes to hockey.

As for Trevor, you think the Canes will have a jersey with #99 on the back waiting for him?

Hat Tip – [Miami New Times]

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