European Poker Tour Event Robbed While On Live TV (Videos)

European Poker Tour Event Robbed While On Live TV

It was no “Ocean’s Eleven” type of project, but what transpired at a European Poker Tour event in Berlin, until this point, has been equally effective.  And thankfully it was captured during a live streaming broadcast.

As the cameras were rolling, and Germany’s Carsten Joh appeared to be reaching for a rather significant amount of chips, a scream can be heard before people begin to stand up and scatter.  A large board begins to tip over just behind Joh, but he doesn’t seem like he wants to go anywhere.  He must have had a good hand.  Sorry Joh, but that’s probably the only time you will ever have to fold your ‘nut flush.’

As reports indicate, six armed men robbed the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin.  Poker Stars released the following statement:

“An armed robbery by six men took place today at EPT Berlin. Nobody was seriously injured. We hope to re-start all events at 4pm local time. A police investigation is underway. If you have video footage or photographs that could help the police, please contact the EPT organizers as soon as possible.” [Bluff Magazine]

The men made off with approximately €1 million and remain at large.  So as of now, it appears as though they are the big winners of this event.  Hopefully that will change.

Here is footage of the robbers entering the casino

Hat Tip – [FanHouse]

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