What Could Have Been In Bengal Land

onco cinco and ocho uno

With NFL free agency well underway, the question on the minds of many was “where will Terrell Owens land?”  Rumors had been swirling for some time that he would likely become a Cincinnati Bengal and play along side Chad Ochocinco.  In fact, Owens was already talking about changing his name to Terrell Ocho Uno, and he wasn’t the only one getting excited about the possibility of wearing the Bengals’ orange.

Ochocinco himself had been lobbying for Owens, but when Cincinnati went out and signed former Buccaneer, Antonio Bryant, it seemed as though all hope was lost.  So Chad was left pondering what could have been.

And that is when he came up with this interesting pic, which was posted on TwitPic.  Notice how Ocho Cinco was willing to give up the role of Batman to Owens?  Maybe this partnership between two of the NFL’s most outspoken players could have worked!  Unfortunately, we may never get the chance to find out.

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