5 Great Calls from Soccer’s Craziest Announcer, Tiziano Crudeli

Tiziano CrudeliFor those of you not familiar with Tiziano Crudeli, he can be seen, among some other crazy Italian soccer fanatics, on 7 Gold coverage of Serie A.   Make no mistakes about it.  This guy is just about the most die-hard fan you will ever see.  He even puts his fellow enthusiasts (including this guy) to shame.  And that is no easy task.  Don’t believe me?  Just check him out for yourself.  You will not be disappointed, unless of course over-exuberant celebrations are not your thing.

Behold, Tiziano’s five greatest celebratory moments.

5.   Juventus vs. Milan – You can just tell how much the Juve announcer wants to punch Tiziano in the face.

4.  Inter vs. Milan – The Inter announcer is having all the fun, but things change quickly.

3.  Milan vs. Manchester United – Have you ever seen so much love displayed between two old Italian men?

2.  Milan vs. Bayern Munich – So much rage, yet so much love.

1.   Inter vs. Milan – I love how they put the Inter announcer between Tiziano and another Milan supporter.

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