Ashley Judd’s Arm Pits Sweat Out A Wildcat Victory (Video)

Ashley Judd’s Arm Pits Sweat Out A Wildcat VictoryI wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Kentucky Wildcat’s sexiest superfan, Ashley Judd, lost 30-pounds over the weekend as she watched her Alma mater claw their way to another SEC championship title.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear she lost that much on Sunday night alone, after the Wildcats needed a last second basket to tie the game before beating Mississippi State in overtime.

It isn’t all that hard to believe after taking a look at those giant pit stains during Friday night’s game against Alabama.  And that was only the quarter-finals!

Kentucky did have to put together a strong second-half run to win that one, but now we can only hope that Judd will be able to replenish her fluids and electrolytes in time for the big dance (no pun intended).

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