Media Not The Only Ones Beating Tiger Down?

tiger woods elinIt turns out that Tiger Wood’s wife Elin may not have been as sweet and innocent upon finding out about his sexcapades as he tried to have the world believe in his tearful apology last month.  According to Tiger, there has never been a case of abuse inside the Wood’s home, (I guess technically the driveway doesn’t count as inside the Wood’s home) however documents released by the Florida Highway Patrol state that the ambulance crew that responded on the scene the night the whole Woods bombshell surfaced refused to let Elin ride with him to the hospital, as they suspected domestic violence.

As you may recall, Tiger and Elin’s version of the story is that Tiger crashed his SUV into a fire-hydrant, and upon seeing that Elin grabbed a golf club from the house and broke in the back window of the truck in order to unlock the doors and free Tiger.  Now this version has had its skeptics even before these events surfaced, and details of the story were fishy right from the get-go, such as why Elin grabbed a golf club to free Tiger and not just her copy of the keys.  But to make matters worse, it turns out apparently two cameras at the Wood’s home should have captured the entire crash and Elin’s subsequent rescue on tape, but Tiger’s lawyer told the media that the couple are unsure if the cameras even work, and they couldn’t figure out how to remove the tape… that’s convenient.

Now maybe Tiger and Elin are telling the truth and all these things are just a coincidence, but at this rate don’t be surprised if it’s Elin you see on TV next time making a tearful apology.

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