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Picture of the Day: The Swastikas Hockey Team (1916)

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, April 13, 2010
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The Swastikas, a Canadian hockey team (1916)

Here’s a picture of the most racist Canadian hockey team ever, The Swastikas.

No, not really.

Before it became associated with the Nazis, swastikas had been used for hundreds of years as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.   The Windsor Swastikas adopted the, now controversial, logo as early as 1905.   According to ancient people who actually saw them play, the Swastikas were flashy, exciting, entertaining, and very seldom beaten.  It’s only a coincidence that they once lost to the Inglourious Basterds in the world championships.

Hat Tip – [BirthplaceofHockey]

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