GSP Is The UFC’s ‘Ladies Man’

georges st pierreIt is no secret that just about any female who pays attention to the UFC does so in large part because of Welterweight Champion, Georges St-Pierre, and his popular bicycle shorts.  When you have this many women chasing you around, trying to be your next big catch (check out the 6:03 mark when one hottie casually drops off her number), it is tough to resist.  Just ask Tiger Woods.

Fortunately, GSP has played it smart thus far and and does not have a wife, or girlfriend, to answer to.  Although something tells me that even if he did, he would be able to defend himself from her a lot better than Tiger was capable of.

So as proof of his big pimpin’ abilities, we have this interesting video showcasing GSP’s encounters with the ladies as well as some of his discussions regarding members of the opposite sex.  If jealousy is an issue for you, perhaps it is best you don’t watch this at all.

Hat Tip – [Cagewriter]

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