The Carolina Panthers’ Backfield Takes A Shot At Karaoke

williams and stewart karaokeThe backfield duo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart may be pleasing on the eyes ever Sunday when they take their shot at the end zone (especially for their fantasy owners), but when it comes to taking their shot at the the microphone, they are definitely not kind on the ears.

Unfortunately, that did not stop this dynamic 1-2-punch from giving it a go at R. Kelly’s, “I Believe I Can Fly.”  And just like they do in a game, it was Williams who got things rolling, and Stewart who came in to clean things up at the end.  It is the formula that never seems to fail on the field, but still couldn’t save them on the mic.

Perhaps these two could use a pep talk from fellow Panther Steve Smith in order to set them (and their singing) straight.

Hat Tip Video – [ProFootballTalk]

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