Japan Brings Golfing And Lions Together (Video)

Japan Brings Golfing And Lions TogetherIn North America we are used to seeing a Tiger out on the golf course, although he has been noticeably absent for the past little while due to the obvious.  In Japan, they always seem to do things different, in case you haven’t noticed.  And golf is no exception to this rule.

Many people often define golf as a rather boring, laid back, leisurely activity, but we here at TPS have been looking for ways to change that for some time now.  We think we may have finally found the answer…

Lions on the golf course!

The Japanese have once again proven to be a step ahead of the rest of the world, placing dozens of lions on their golf courses, where they roam the fields just beyond the fairways.  If you even needed some incentive to stay away from the hazards, here it is.

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