Picture Of The Day: The Booby Fishing Lure

Booby fishing lure

I, for one, am a big fan of breasts.  Like most men, the sight of a beautiful, round pair of fun-bags is enough to suck me in and devour all of my attention.  Once my eyes are fixated on a female’s knockers, I can’t seem to escape.  It is almost as if they are hypnotic.

So can the same be said for fish?  I’m not entirely sure, but if that is the case, then we may have just found a way to catch ourselves the next giant mako shark.  Introducing the Booby Fishing Lure, for those fish who prefer to suckle on a nice set of boobs, rather than going after your delicious looking live bait or other colorful lures.

Perhaps breasts would better be served as lures for some cougars looking to reel in their next sugar daddy, rather than for fishermen looking to hook themselves a trophy bass.

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