Bruins’ Shawn Thornton Exacts Some Revenge On The Pens’ Matt Cooke

Bruins’ Shawn Thornton Exacts Some Revenge On The Pens’ Matt CookeThe day of March 18th, 2010 was marked down on the calender of just about every Boston Bruins player.  After all, it would be the first time they would step onto the ice with the Pittsburgh Penguins following Matt Cooke’s vicious check to the head which knocked out the Bruins top forward Marc Savard.

It was no secret that revenge would be the theme of the night.  Everyone knew what to expect.  Even the NHL’s chief disciplinarian Colin Campbell was in attendance for the game to see what would transpire, and it didn’t take long for something to happen.

Just a few minutes into the game, public enemy number one in Beantown stepped onto the ice, and he was greeted first with boos from the crowd, and then with several bare knuckle sandwiches from the hands of Shawn Thornton.  Cooke knew it was coming and did not try to run from it (which is surprisingly out of character for a player who many describe as a cheap shot artist who will not back up his dirty play with his fists).

When it was all said and done, that was just about all that revenge that Matt Cooke would have coming his way.  Unfortunately for the Briuns, they would go on to lose this game, and the man who took out their star player managed to get off pretty easy (at least in my opinion he did).

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