Picture Of The Day: That Can’t Be Her Real Name?

Beautiful name

This may work differently for guys than for girls, but doesn’t a name like “anus” get you beat up?  If I had a name like that growing up, I would have been a lot skinnier since my lunch money would have been taken pretty much every single day.  The other option is that this isn’t her real name, and it is some sort of nickname.  I don’t think I need to tell you if that is the case it is obviously way worse.

I wish someone with this kind of name would make it to pro sports.  How great would it be to hear something like “Cristiano Ronaldo drills Anus” or “Anus is on fire!”  Those are both basketball references, but the possibilities are endless.

I guess there is some sort of soccer game going on in this picture too, but who cares.  “Anus” was obviously the draw here.

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