No Crotch Is Safe In European Soccer

No Crotch Is Safe In European SoccerThis past week has been tough on sports groins everywhere, from the hard courts in America, to the soccer fields in Europe.

Sure, athletes may be getting bigger and stronger as the years go by, but one thing that they will always remain vulnerable to is the ever-so-dangerous shot to the nuts.  That is exactly what Athletic Bilbao’s Pablo Orbaiz had in mind when he was looking for revenge after being tripped in a Spanish league match by Getafe’s David Cortes.  Laying on the ground as his opponent stood over him, Orbaiz delivered an up-kick directly to the package of Cortes, causing him to hit the deck immediately.

It may not have had the same flair as Nuno Pinto’s no-look crotch kick, but what it lacked in style it surely made up for in brute force.  I’m sure Cortes can attest to that.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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