Japan’s Odd Sport of Tandem Scootering (Video)

Japan's Odd Sport of Tandem ScooteringThe Japanese have a knack for being technologically advanced, but I don’t think tandem scooter racing is going to catch on in the United States any time in the near or distant future.

Here are pictures from the Osu’s Rider Cup that takes place a few times every year on a go-kart-ish track.  Yes, your first reaction is probably right on — this looks ridiculous.  Two normal sized looking human beings on the back of an undersized scooter that appear to travel no faster than your average go-kart.

I’m not exactly sure why they feel the need for the second person, who only weighs down the scooter and makes it go much sloer.  To me, it’s almost as useless as it’d be for NASCAR to allow a passenger to do a ride along during one of their races.   And I know they’re not going very fast, but scooters are inherently dangerous, so how is it a good idea to put two lives on a crotch rocket?  I don’t think it is.

Anyway, judging from these videos, the new competitive sport hasn’t caught steam in Japan either.  I’ve seen more people at a WNBA game in Detroit… after they were sold to Tulsa.

[H/T Jalopnik]

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