Sidney Crosby Eats Jimmy Howard’s Glove (Video)

Sidney Crosby Gets Some Goalie SmackdownOne thing all fans know about hockey is this: there is always justice on the ice. Sooner or later, you’re going to get back what you are giving out. For Sidney Crosby it came very soon after he chose some punk moves.

At the end of Pittsburgh’s 3-1 loss to the Red Wings, Crosby decided to throw several crosschecks at some Detroit players. I’m guessing Sid the Kid immediately regretted that decision as he was eating some goalie blocker and glove.

It’s been a rough week for the Penguins. The Boston Bruins finally got their revenge on Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke for his sick hit on Bruins forward Marc Savard. Shawn Thornton took care of that. And now Crosby decides to get dirty in the waning seconds of the loss to Red Wings and gets absolutely owned by the goalie.

So Crosby can throw crosschecks but doesn’t even fight back when Howard gets a hold of him? Weak sauce. We know that there has been an NHL player that had testicle surgery, but maybe Crosby needs a testicle transplant. Because apparently he doesn’t have any.

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